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Clean Water and Sanitation

Reusable Water Bottles

At AstenJohnson, we encourage the use of reusable bottles instead of plastic. Water dispensers have been installed at many sites to ease the transition between plastic and reusable water bottles. This is one of the small things we can contribute to being more environmentally friendly.

Valleyfield, Quebec
All associates were awarded a reusable water bottle with our logo to highlight 365 days without an accident in February 2020. Additionally, plastic water jugs were replaced by water dispensers with filters in November 2019.

Eupen, Belgium
On October 11th, 2020, all associates were awarded a reusable water bottle with our logo to highlight 365 days without an accident.

Charleston, SC
In 2020, the Charleston site installed several water dispensers and removed all plastic water bottles. Mugs, glasses, and other reusable drinkware were stocked near all the dispensers.

Strakonice, Czech Republic
In 2021, the Strakonice site decided not to buy pre-packaged drinks for visitors and eliminated plastic. Associates now use their own glass jugs.

St. Louis, MO
Replaced the water fountain in the plant with a bottle filling station to encourage associates to use reusable bottles.

Kanata, ON
At the end of 2020, Kanata Dryer celebrated it’s 50 Anniversary.  As part of the celebration, all associates were awarded 20 oz. stainless steel tumblers for either hot or cold beverages, and a way to help reduce our need for single use cups.

Williston, VT
Reusable cups were distributed to associates in 2021. All associates also received a reusable water bottle in June 2022 to celebrate 365 days without a safety recordable.

Suzhou, China
In Suzhou, it is very common to use reusable water bottle or cups. Water dispensers with filters are also provided. Water bottles are reserved for visitors.

Monitoring Waste Water
Clinton, South Carolina

Installed monitoring devices on waste water effluent stream.

Project Start: 2020

To be able to monitor key waste water parameters in real time to allow faster response.

Project Completion: 2020