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ZAC Report

AstenJohnson is committed to monitoring and improving safety conditions in our offices and plants. In 2016, we formalized our focus on safety by implementing Zero Accident Culture, or ZAC. In addition to all AstenJohnson associates completing regular safety training, our associates are prepared with safety gear when they visit customers. They adhere to all customer safety requirements as well as AstenJohnson safety standards. The ZAC program has helped AstenJohnson steadily improve safety across all our sites and at many customer sites as well. The interactive report was updated in 2022.

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Open Door Policy
Clinton, South Carolina

Our plant has had an Open Door Policy since at least the 1980s. In the mid 1990s we started a “Dear Listener” box to make that policy even easier for our associates to use. Located in our canteen, associates can place a note in the Dear Listener box anonymously about anything they want to suggest, complain about, compliment, etc. We check the box at least twice per week and when possible we post the concern and our response to it on the plant bulletin boards. We take the concerns very seriously and associates are pleased with the rapid responses.