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Life on Land

What is our future? Our children. We are committed and obligated to hand over to them our planet healthy and full of life!

Zdenek Remis Production Manager, Strakonice

Beehives & Biodiversity
Eupen, Belgium

A great example of protecting Biodiversity at AstenJohnson is the presence of beehives on the Eupen site. These beehives are managed by an associate in his free time. His passion for bees is shared with other associates. Beehives do not represent any danger for the associates and are helpful for local biodiversity.

Tree Planting
Strakonice, Czech Republic

A group of AstenJohnson volunteers and their family members planted around 1,100 oak trees in an area near Strakonice, where trees were affected by bark beetles. Not only will these trees help restore the area impacted by bark beetles, they will also serve as a carbon sink, improving air quality in Strakonice.

This action from our associates demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and their community.