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Climate Action

The Great Spring Cleaning
Eupen, Belgium

Walloon Project
Every year since 2015, the Walloon government (French region of Belgium), in addition to its campaigns to increase awareness and responsibility through the "BeWapp" platform, sponsors cleanliness ambassadors (individuals or companies that regularly collect waste in an assigned and nearby area) and organizes a collective cleanup of our beautiful region. This initiative is called The Great Cleaning.

The 2021 edition mobilized more than 80,000 people. All participants collected a total of 126 tons of waste. “BeWapp” provides the necessary equipment and accessories. When the action is over, an inspiring photo is taken for the community, to promote and initiate the collective effort that will reach the largest number of citizens.

After their participation in 2018, AstenJohnson Eupen associates helped other community volunteers in collecting waste in the surroundings once again. This year, the associates picked up eight bags of waste in the fields and roads around the plant while respecting safety measures.

Even if the platform is well organized and structured with beautiful communication, there are not enough people taking steps to invest more for the environment. Join the movement for next year!

Even though I was already active in the Eco-Responsibility Scouts, I decided to become a clean ambassador for my street by taking great care to incorporate my daughter. The only way to succeed is to show the example for our children, who learn by imitation. We can show them that there is another way to consume, to behave towards nature and our environment, especially that our daily actions, no matter how small, count. Young people are our future and I think that we must seize every opportunity to show them a path, a spirituality, a philosophy of life towards sustainable development.

Laurent Buchmann Scheduling Specialist, Eupen

Earth Day Cleaning
Valleyfield, Quebec

In April 2019, an associate organized a waste collection activity at the Valleyfield site. The plant is located on the waterfront with a park along the bay. In the spring, this park attracts many visitors who inadvertently leave trash. In an effort to promote a cleaner environment, the team collected about 34lbs of waste. In the future, we plan to put forth similar efforts.

Chiller Replacement
Clinton, South Carolina

Clinton site leaders identified the chiller as a source of HCFC refrigerants, which is dangerous for the ozone layer. This chiller also has high repair costs.

Project Start: 2021

Reduce HVAC costs & also convert to newer, eco-friendly HFC-134a refrigerant.

Currently evaluating quotations for CER submission in 2021.

In the last century, humanity has depleted the Earth's resources so much that fossil fuel reserves will disappear completely over the next few centuries. It's not too late, but it's right time to think about how we will live in a few decades and start doing something.

Eva Popelkova Process Engineer Leader, Strakonice

Adopt a Highway Program
Appleton, Wisconsin

The program began in 2015 where AstenJohnson associates clean the mile in front of our plant 3 times a year. This is a volunteer effort. The number of volunteers varies but there is always time set aside to do it.

Zero Air Emissions
Clinton, South Carolina

Eliminate air emissions to become permit-free.

Project Start: 2016

To have zero air emissions from our Clinton, SC plant and receive DHEC approval for no air permit required.

Project Completion:
2017 - Met goal

Valleyfield, Quebec

In 2021, the Valleyfield site started collecting food wastes at the plant, which was never done before on the site. The initiative began with a bin in the kitchen of the office area, one was added in the plant cafeteria as well. This action allows the site to divert approximatively 1000 lbs of food waste per year from landfills.